Architectural Change Request

If you are considering a change to the exterior of your home, please be sure to fill out a request form and have it reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee. The Declarations require that an owner must obtain prior written approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for ANY exterior alteration or addition to property within our Association. To comply with the Declarations, please complete the proper change request form, attach a detailed drawing or blueprint of the proposed alteration to the review committee.
One of the main duties of the HOA is the protection of property values.  You have invested a great deal of money into a home, naturally, you want to make sure it retains and even increases its value. 
Structural changes to properties will affect the makeup and appeal of the neighborhood so it is important to keep aesthetic consistency.   This extends not only to structural changes but includes landscaping, trash containers, parking, and pets. 
The rules have one ultimate goal, which is to make the community look nice and therefore keep property values high.

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