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HOA Management Services

HOA Dues Collection

Seamless HOA dues collection, ensuring timely and accurate processing to maintain the financial stability of the community.

Monthly Reports

Fostering transparent communication and informed decision-making among association members.

Vendor Payments

Handling timely and accurate vendor payments, ensuring seamless coordination for the benefit of the community.

Community Website

Providing and maintaining a dynamic community website, offering a centralized hub for residents to access essential information.

Homeowner Portal

A user-friendly homeowner portal, empowering residents with convenient access to essential documents, real-time updates, and interactive tools.

Violation Letters

Issuing clear and respectful violation letters, maintaining neighborhood standards by addressing non-compliance issues promptly.

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At Saunders HOA Management, we understand the challenges and responsibilities of being on an HOA board. Managing a homeowners' association involves numerous tasks and decisions that can be overwhelming. 


Are you struggling with the complexities of HOA management? Do you find your current management company unresponsive or not aligned with the best interests of your community?


We are here to provide a solution. Saunders HOA Management specializes in delivering top-notch HOA and community management services tailored to meet your association's unique needs. Our goal is to simplify your responsibilities and enhance the overall well-being of your


We offer a variety of service plans, ensuring that every aspect of your HOA management is covered.

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Greetings, this is Mark Saunders with Saunders HOA Management. This video addresses the number one complaint received from HOA boards when they contact us for assistance in managing their community.
Homeowners' Associations (HOAs) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, from managing finances to maintaining common areas and enforcing community rules. To ensure the success

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Mail Address: 2806 Reynolda Rd. MB# 223 Winston-Salem, NC 27106