Non-Compliance Fine:


In the event that the Homeowner(s) shall fail or refuse to provide said disclosure, the Tenant(s) Pool Privileges will be suspended and the Homeowner(s) shall be assessed a TEN DOLLAR ($10.00) PER DAY penalty until compliance.  


The Homeowner(s) shall remain obligated to pay the regular or special assessments to the Association, regardless of whether the obligation to pay assessments has been assumed by the tenant in any lease or rental agreement.  

Rental Rules for Westminster HOA

These rules are from the Westminster Policies and Procedures 2015 Rules. To view a full copy, Click Here.


The lot owner, shall, within 60 days of rental or lease, provide in writing to the Association the following items: 


1. The name, mailing address, and telephone number (including area code) of the tenant renting or leasing from the Homeowner.  


2. A true and complete copy of the written lease or rental agreement, signed by the Homeowner(s) and tenant(s). 


3. Certification by the Homeowner(s) that the tenant(s) have been given a copy of these Policies and Procedures.  


4. The Homeowner(s) shall have a period of six (60) days from the date the written lease or rental agreement is entered into to comply with the directive. 


To comply with these rules, please fill out the Tenant Information Form below and upload a copy of the lease with it. If, for any reason, the lease will not upload, please complete the form below and Email us a copy of your lease to


Your tenant will not be given pool access until we have all the required documents. 

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Rental Rules For Westminster

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