Are you buying or selling in The Sherwood Association?

If you are a homeowner or a real estate broker selling or buying a property in a community that Saunders HOA Management manages, we wanted to walk you through the process to receive community information. Please note that we do not send the buyer's agent community information. All information will need to come from the listing agent or the homeowner.


Once your property is under contract, please complete the form below so we can send the closing attorney the information needed to close on the property. 

1. Centralized Community Information:


  • At Saunders HOA Management, we believe in providing easy access to essential community information. You can find comprehensive details about the communities we manage right here on our website. Navigate to the top of the page and click on HOA Pages. From there, click on the community page. Once on the page, you should see a tab called documents.


  • Once the property is under contract, please have the closing attorney come to this page and complete the form below. Once we get the required information, we can start working on sending the HOA information to the attorney.

2. Privacy:


  • We prioritize the privacy and professionalism of our clients. When a property in one of our managed communities is listed for sale, we strictly share community-related information only with the listing agent or the homeowners themselves. If you are a buyer agent, please contact the listing agent for community-related information. 

3. Seamless Communication:


  • To ensure a streamlined communication process, we recommend listing agents contact us at for any inquiries related to the community. It is highly recommended that you contact us BEFORE you list the property.

By following these guidelines, we aim to facilitate efficient real estate transactions while preserving the privacy and integrity of our communities. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance.

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