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Does your renter need pool access?  


If so, they must be registered with the HOA.  Click the button below to start that process. If you are sure you have already registered them, please email us the tenant name and the property address to



POOL HOURS ARE 10:00  A.M. UNTIL 8:30 P.M.  



The following is a complete copy of the pool rules Raintree Association. It is the responsibility of every homeowner and resident to uphold the rules, to ensure our pool is a safe, fun place to enjoy this summer. Please take a few minutes to go over these with your family. Failure to comply with stated pool rules, may result in loss of access to pool facilities. Repeated failure to comply can result in permanent loss of pool privileges and/or fines at the discretion of the HOA. 





POOL HOURS: Pool hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. State regulations require that we close the pool at a designated time. For safety reasons, no one should be in the pool area after closing or before opening hours. 


1. Swim at your own risk. No Lifeguard on duty. 


2. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent (or adult over 21). State regulations and requirements for Raintree’s insurance coverage dictate that children under 16 be accompanied by a parent or adult aged 21 or older. If this rule is not followed, we will ask your child to leave the pool area. We’ll risk a few hurt feelings for the safety of your child. 


3. No Running in the pool area. Concrete can become slick when wet. 


4. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area. Glass containers are illegal in pool areas. Broken glass is a serious hazard that could result in injury and/or closure of the pool to drain for cleaning. 


5. The pool gate should be locked at all times. Per North Carolina Pool Safety Rules, an Inspector can close the pool, if the gate is found unlocked or propped open. 


6. Children who are NON SWIMMERS should wear a PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE. If your child is still wearing diapers, state regulation recommends your child wear “swimmers pampers” If fecal matter is released into the pool, per the Health Department, the pool must be closed for 24 hours. 


7. No animals in the pool area.


8. When the “Pool Closed” sign is on the gate, no one may enter the pool area. This sign will generally appear, only in case of a maintenance or safety issue that must be remedied before we can legally, safely operate the pool, e.g. bacteria levels that must be handled, inspection. In such cases, it is not necessary to contact the Board. The pool will reopen when it is safe for residents to enter. 


9. **THE THROW RING IS A LIFESAVING DEVICE** It is to remain on the pool house except for emergency use. It is not to be used as a float or toy. 


10. No electrical cords are to be used inside the pool area. 


11. The Pool area must be kept clean. Trash e.g., cigarette butts, food and beverage containers, etc. should be placed in the appropriate receptacles and not left on tables or walkways. Ashtrays should be emptied into the trash before leaving. 


12. Volume on personal radios should be low enough so as to not disturb others. Please be considerate of neighbors who live near the pool. 


13. Pump house and pool equipment are off limits.


14. No cut-off jeans allowed in the pool. In addition, the Health Department has stated, with the exception of a child’s personal floatation device, no floats, balls or toys of any kind are permitted. These can obstruct a swimmer in distress, trying to reach the side of the pool. Toys and cut-offs can damage the filter. 


15. Grilling is permitted only outside the fence, on the backside of the pool. 


16. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by persons 21 and over. Underage drinking will be reported to parents. Those under 21 consuming alcohol, will be asked to leave the pool. On the second offense, Police will be notified. If someone at the pool is inebriated, and appears to be a harm to themselves or others, any homeowner may ask them to leave. 


...and a few additional items: 


*If pool skimmers are obstructed or “played” with, they may shut off the pump. Pool maintenance must be called to restart it. This can take hours. If you notice someone playing with the skimmers, please ask them to stop. If the pump shuts off, and chemicals are depleted, the pool will have to be closed until levels are corrected.


*In hot weather, bacteria can grow in as little as 30 min. In case of a power outage, we ask that you leave the pool after thirty minutes, if power has not yet been restored. 


*If you hear thunder, we ask that you leave the pool area immediately, as lightning can strike from many miles away. 


*A phone is located on the outside of the pool house for emergency use. 


*A 21-day advance booking is required to reserve the pool for a party, defined as a gathering of five (5) or more guests plus the resident. Guidelines may be obtained at the time of scheduling. Please email to set that up.


* Homeowners in need of a pool key may purchase one for $30.00. Owners, please contact the HOA to place an order by emailing Tenants should contact their landlord. 


* When parking is full nearest the pool, please use overflow parking at the island. Please do not park in front of buildings, or designated spaces, obstructing access for other residents. Cars not parked properly are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. 




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