01 May 2024

The Number 1 Complaint We Hear in the HOA World.

Greetings, this is Mark Saunders with Saunders HOA Management.


This video addresses the number one complaint received from HOA boards when they contact us for assistance in managing their community. A recent conversation with a new HOA client inspired the creation of this video. 


The primary complaint heard is the lack of communication. This issue is reported more frequently than uncompleted work orders or uncollected dues. Communication is essential both between the management company and the board and between the board and homeowners.


Homeowners must be informed about community matters. When a management company is responsible for overseeing a community, they must maintain open lines of communication with both the board and homeowners. It is surprising how often homeowners are left uninformed due to unresponsive management companies. For self-managed properties, the board must communicate effectively with homeowners, whether through responding to requests or conducting annual meetings. As their money is being managed, homeowners deserve to know how it is utilized. Recently, our company took over the management of a new community in Winston-Salem.


At our first board meeting last night, one board member relayed compliments from two or three homeowners pleasantly surprised by our prompt communication and responsiveness. Unfortunately, poor communication within HOAs is pervasive and often leads to dissatisfaction with property management companies. Ensuring clear communication can help alleviate many issues HOAs face and improve overall satisfaction.


Are you a member of an HOA board? Is there a management company involved? Evaluate the communication quality within the organization. Is it frustrating, or are all parties kept well-informed about ongoing matters? If you are on an HOA board, leave a comment.  What issues are you dealing with?




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