Window Replacement


If you are replacing windows at your property, the form below MUST be submitted with your architectural request. To streamline this process, we have added the form here for you to complete. Once you have filled out all the requested information, please e-sign the form and download a copy to your computer.  


Once you have the completed form please click at the bottom of this page to start your architectural request.  You will need to upload the completed form to that request.  


Window requests will not be approved until the Window Replacement Checklist is completed and submitted. 


Click here to complete your Window Replacement Checklist


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Awning Replacement


The company that is very familiar with our community and our awning requirements is


The Dize Company


1516 Doune Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27127


The following colors are the only approved colors at this time. 

Once you have the type of awning pattern and color worked out, please submit your request by clicking below. 


Sherwood Oaks Common Architectural Requests

To help streamline your request, here are some of our most common requests. 

Architectural Change Request

Please Read This Form BEFORE You Submit Your Request
By submitting an Architectural Request, the Homeowner(s) certifies they have reviewed all the notes and requirements listed on this page and will adhere to all of them and will include all additional required documents and any permit requirements if applicable.
The homeowner agrees to the following:

Provide the Board the following as applicable (also required when you apply for your City permit for the work):

  • A plot plan with requested modification(s), drawn to approximate scale.

  • A complete and full description (including photos/drawings as necessary) as to the design and materials (types & sizes) to be incorporated.

  • A floor plan, elevation drawing, profile drawing, etc. as needed.


Homeowner does, by submitting an Architectural Request, understand and agree to all the following:


  • I/We have read and fully understand all applicable sections of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Covenants) as they apply to this architectural modification(s) request and agree to follow the rules and requirements contained in all applicable sections of the same, as well as included herein.


  • Except in the case of a modified deck, I/we will assume total responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of all elements associated with this architectural modification(s). I/we also acknowledge that obtaining insurance for improvement is my/our responsibility.

  • That the modification(s) will not in any way hinder or prevent any Association maintenance responsibility.


  • That I/we are fully responsible for any damages to person/property that may be caused by this modification(s).

  • That I/we will provide the Board a copy of the City permit (if applicable), a copy of all inspections by the City, and a copy of the final acceptance of my project by the City.


  • That the Homeowners Association reserves the right to require removal, repair, or other appropriate remedy of the modification(s) at my/our expense if:

    • the proper permit(s) and inspection(s) were not obtained from the City to ensure the work was completed properly;

    • the modification is not constructed or installed as per the Board-approved plans and specifications;

    • the modification is not maintained in a safe condition;

    • The modification is not maintained in a manner satisfactory to the board in keeping with the surrounding structures or color scheme(s).


  • Any approved work shall be at the owner's sole cost and expense and be done in a good and workmanlike manner in compliance with all government requirements and the Construction Schedule without any liens attached to the premises. No encumbrances, charges or liens against the premises shall exist because of any action or inaction by owner or its independent contractor(s). Owner will discharge by bond or otherwise, within ten (10) days of notice of its existence, any lien, encumbrance, or other charge arising in violation of the Covenants. If the Association is forced to pay to remove any lien or encumbrance, then the Association shall have a lien against the owner's unit in the amount expended plus interest at eighteen percent (18%) per annum.


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